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Flat roofs

I specialise in EPDM Roofing this is ideal for a flat roof and Eco friendly. EPDM is a UV and weather resistant product.  Self-adhesive EPDM flat roof system is perfect for complicated roofs, balconies and awkward roof shapes.

The top side of the sheet is the EPDM water proofing layer with the special integral bonding course. It has a textured non- slip surface which is extremely elastic and highly resistant to UV.

This is why EPDM is particularly well suited as an exposed roofing material.  A glass fibre reinforcement makes the material even more stable and prevent the possibility of shrinkage. It is a simple and safe installation without needing to use naked flames.

I offer a 10 year guarantee for all EPDM roofing that CJW Roofing Specialist have completed.

Slate Roofs

A slate roof is a popular roofing choice for many because of its impressive service life, excellent durability and timeless appeal.

Slate is considered a durable and hard-wearing material that provides waterproofing to a pitched roof. Due to this slate is unaffected by frost damage and freezing temperatures.

I offer a 10 year guarantee for all new slate roofs that CJW Roofing Specialist have completed.

Tile/concrete/clay roofs

Numerous tile profiles which I have in various colours and textures .This will  keep  the roofs looking the same as the  surrounding homes.

Concrete tiles are an upgrade to traditional clay tiles, these are more weather resistant and durable and have an interlocking system which has less movement over time during high winds and roof movement.

We follow British Standard with  all our roofing  work to make sure all the products we use are genuine and that we use the correct fixing method as provided from the manufacturers.


I offer general roofing  repairs from pitch and flat roofing , broken or missing tiles and ridges.

Velux window installation

These are ideal for letting in large amounts of natural light, they offer space and add style to a bathroom, kitchen, balconies, terraces, pitched and flat roof extensions.

Lead work

This is a service that is often carried out as part of remedial work. Lead work is a preventative to ensure a roof is weatherproof. The majority of people are unaware of the benefits of this service and how it can help to reduce common roofing issues.

Dry Accessory Systems

This  provides a simple effective way of securely fixing ridge tiles and verge tiles without the need for wet mortar. This is a cost effective solution and is weather resistant creating less deterioration over time.

This is an upgrade from the old traditional mortar system that held ridges and verges together that crack and deteriorate over time.

Our Working Process



After being in contact with CJW ROOFING SPECIALIST, we shall arrange a date and time to suit the customer to come out and look at the job free of charge.



We shall both come up with a plan thats best for your roof, and what services and materials we can offer best suited for you and the job in hand.



Once the customer has accepted the quote and we have both agreed on a date that suits both parties we shall proceed with the work that has been stated in the quote.


Final assessment

A final assessment of the job work that has been carried out to make sure the work is to a high standard. All work that is not a repair will be given a 5 year guarantee. We will then send photos of the process to the customer along with the invoice.

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Contact us today, and we shall provide a free quotation. We specialize in Tile and Slate roofing and do everything from New Builds to Strip and Recover, Restore, and Repair. We are experts in Pitched Roofs as well as Flat Roof Systems, and have extensive experience with modern roofing materials.